Hola, soy Carlos. I am from Rivas, Nicaragua.

My grandfather was passionate about horses and I am the only one in my family who followed in his steps.

I bought my first horse when I was 12. I have dedicated myself to learning about horses and training them since I was 15. I became a horse dance trainer and have been presenting rodeos on my horse for 8 years.

Gradually I specialized as a blacksmith and have worked with Hari as shoer since 2010.

In 2018, I will take a 3 month course in Tierra Norte School in Madrid, Spain, to get professionalized in corrective horseshoeing.


I have also worked as a horse instructor and horse tour guide since 2014. I am very patient and really enjoy the contact with people and helping them become better riders. I have started learning English to communicate better with tourists.

My moto: “relájate, está de vacaciones” (relax, you’re on vacation)

Hari 's Horses

Merida, Isla de Ometepe

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Phone +505 8383 8499

Hello, my name is Hari and I am the owner of the herd.

Horses are my passion. I have been horseback riding for 20 years and there is hardly a day when I do not ride.

Born in Germany, I learned how to horseback ride in Italy with an English saddle. I switched to the American saddle while living in Costa Rica.

In 2009, I moved in to Nicaragua with 2 Costa Rican mares, Pocosi and Polverita. Looking around the Island and noticing that many horses were not so well cared for, I was convinced this could be improved and did my best to become what Hari’s Horses is today.

I make sure my horses are well fed, have healthy hooves and good quality horse shoes and saddles.

I speak 5 languages: German, Italian, Spanish, English and Hindu, and am well adapted to the varied needs of my riders. 

I want you and my horses to enjoy each ride!

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